Reed Cordish - Bio

Reed S. Cordish is a Vice President for The Cordish Companies , and President of Entertainment Consulting International (ECI).  

Mr. Cordish is responsible for the development and management of the company’s Live! districts, and takes the lead in seeking opportunities for growth in the entertainment market.  As President of ECI, Mr. Cordish has grown the business from a start-up to a conglomerate with food, beverage, and entertainment locations across the country, over 8,000 employees, and revenues exceeding $150M annually.  

Prior to joining The Cordish Companies, he was a world-class professional athlete on the Association of Tennis Professionals Tour (ATP).  Mr. Cordish graduated from Princeton University, where he was awarded the prestigious William Roper Award for scholastic and athletic excellence.  Mr. Cordish is involved in fundraising for numerous charitable agencies and non-profit institutions.